King Sound Studio provides high quality digital audio recording at competitive rates to suit your project and deadlines:


  • Full Album Recording

  • Single/EP Recording

  • Mastering

  • Live and location recordings

  • Soundtracks for film and documentaries

  • Voiceovers

  • Audiobooks

  • Podcasts


    Searching for that classic Clarence sax riff? With a roster of high quality session musicians and singers to choose from, should your project require additional instrumentation or vocals, we can help with that too.

    We are also happy to help with arrangements from compositions and harmonies right through to brass section parts. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

    Which ever recording route you take, King Sound Studio guarantees to fulfil your requirements. 

    “I was a bit anxious about coming into the studio with the material I’d only worked on at home; but the team at King Sound Studio were great and put me at ease immediately. The result is something far better than I ever imagined – credit to the guys for being so patient with me!”


    Your studio session is booked. Your adrenalin is racing. You’re going to record your works – your ‘masterpiece’! And you want it to be EPIC. 

    You don’t want to waste a second.

    Preparation is key. In order to make the most of your recording experience, before you arrive, take the time to prepare for your visit. There are many things to consider ahead of your session; some may seem obvious, others less so.

    To help ensure you receive maximum value for your hard earned pennies, we have compiled our 6 top tips in our ‘Are You Recording-Ready?’ checklist below:


    Are you in tune?!

    There’s nothing more irritating than the engineer or producer asking you if you are in tune! For those with acoustic instruments especially we would always encourage you to arrive in plenty of time to allow your instrument to acclimatise.

    Keep checking regularly during the session too as it’s much easier to do it at this stage.

    The same goes for vocals. Warming up your voice is essential to getting the most out of demanding vocal sessions and will ensure you don’t damage your most precious instrument. 

    Playing to a click

    Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time? If so you’ll probably be a natural at playing to a click track! For the rest of us it’s something that takes a bit of practice to get right. For 99% of recordings we would use a ‘click’ representing the tempo of the song and this is only audible in your headphones at the ‘tracking’ stage where we lay down the basics of the song or piece.

    If your music requires instruments to be added afterwards then it is essential that you can play or sing to the click. If you are not used to this then try playing to a metronome or find an app for your device that can provide this for you. We would recommend you have a good handle on this skill prior to your session so that it’s not a distraction to you!

    How does it go?!

    Do you know how the song goes? It may sound ridiculous, but there’s no harm in ensuring that you know the material you are recording like the back of your hand. If you are a band, go through the intros, outros, breaks, bridges, solos and anything else that makes up the composition of your song. Your recording session should be exactly for that – recording!

    Of course, there will be creative moments and chances to alter the arrangement on the fly, but, it is important to utilise every second possible for the purpose in your visit: recording! So do be sure to come prepared.

    Why not consider booking an hour rehearsal prior to your recording session to get ‘in the zone’? The controlled environment of the studio will sound vastly different to playing at your favourite gigging venue, or home!

    Have a target

    It’s vital to be focused for your studio time. What is it that you want to achieve? How many tracks do you want to put down? Is it realistic? Depending on the complexity of your piece a single song could be made up of over 50 channels which could take 1-2 days plus purely to record. Mulitply that by the number of tracks on an album and you can see why a full length CD doesn’t usually get recorded in a weekend. Why not arrange to come in for a chat? We are more than happy to talk through your project with you – if you have a demo we can listen to then we can give you a good idea of how much recording and production time is likely to be required.

    Don't go hungry!

    Apart from the fact our microphones are good enough to pick up your rumbling tummy, you will need to eat! Recording is suprisingly exhausting work – and we will work you hard! We recommend packing some food to bring with you (we do have a microwave) or we can point you in the direction of good local eating establishments just a few minutes drive away. We can supply you with as much tea/coffee/cold drinks as you can handle during the session – and it has even been known for home made cakes to appear…

    Dodgy amps!

    Does all your gear work properly? The valves failing on your amplifier halfway through your solo is never a good thing, so check all electrical items are in full working order with no unnecessary buzzing or earthing issues. And don’t forget to bring some extra strings!

    Once you are in a studio environment it’s like having a magnifying glass on you and your instrument, so don’t let something like a scratchy volume pot interrupt your session.