the gear

At the heart of the control room is the beautiful Venice F32 desk from legendary console makers MIDAS. Offering 32 channels of warm mic pre-amps and stunning EQ, this combines the very best of analogue with a digital Firewire output direct into Logic Pro X or Pro Tools. Our live room is a comfortable 22ft x 15ft and equipped with personal digital headphone monitoring.

Along with a variety of house instruments and amplifiers we have an excellent range of microphones from AKG Acoustics, Audio Technica, Neumann, Røde, Sennheiser, SE Electronics, Shure and others to ensure we capture you at your very best. A comprehensive instrument and microphone list is available on request.

Our house kit is a vintage 1980’s British made Yamaha Power V kit – having two drummers on the team ensures this kit stays well tuned!

Being slightly microphone obsessed we have a wide array of microphones from AKG, Neumann, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser and Røde amongst others. Please get in touch if you’d like more information.

One of the finest stage pianos made – the mighty Roland RD700GX. WIth a great range of onboard sounds, we can also take the MIDI signal direct into Pro-Tools or Logic Pro giving you many more options in from vintage synths to Bosendorfer, Steinway and Yamaha pianos.

We have a great range of Zildjian ‘K’ cymbals amongst others. Tama Iron Cobra pedals for hi-hats and kick drum ensure your footwork is accurate.

Personal headphone monitoring with the Behringer P16 system keeps you in control of everything you want to hear. Need more of you and less of the drums? It’s at your fingertips!

Our favourite snare is the fantastic Ludwig L400 Supraphonic, almost 50 years old and still one of the greatest recording snares made.

The small but mighty all-valve Fender Blues Junior  is a fantastic amp to record with. Rated at just 15w it breaks up a lot earlier than higher powered amplifiers meaning you can get that tone you’re after without destroying small buildings. (Although if that is something you’re into we also have a Fender Blues Deluxe)

Our Vintage Hammond organ was one of the first solid state models and features a single built in Leslie speaker giving a fantastic stereo effect.

The mainstay of the studio is a 2014 Russell Hobbs kettle. 3000w ensures quick boil time so what are you drinking?