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King Sound Studio Acoustic Panel Treatment

Bespoke Acoustic Treatment Panels at The Bridge Church, Bolton, Lancs

every room has a sound

Every contained space has its own unique sound. Some of these spaces have been engineered to sound flawless, and others need help! Many factors affect this sound, and poorly designed spaces often require treatment to deal with aberrant frequencies. Common issue are large walls opposite each other (where the sound can ping back and forth freely) and low frequencies gatherings in corners. Venues such as theatres, music halls and churches could have the very best PA systems, and still suffer from serious acoustic issues without necessary treatment.

solving the problem

Our bespoke acoustic panels are custom designed to each individual space requirement. It’s virtually impossible to have a ‘one-size fits all’, and so we initially arrange a site visit to carry out an assessment which includes finding out construction materials used in the build, measuring reverb times and anticipated use of space. Based on this assessment we will produce a proposal for your room with a scale layout design.

King Sound Studio Acoustic Panel Treatment
King Sound Studio Acoustic Panel Treatment

Acoustic Diffuser at King Sound Studio

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