King Sound Studio – the home of Professional Audio Recording for Lancashire, Cumbria and beyond.

Looking for inspiration? Set in beautiful countryside alongside the far north of the Lancaster Canal, King Sound Studio is the place to be inspired.

Ready to finally record that EP you’ve been working on? Or are you itching to lay down tracks on a full album? Let us help you to get the very best results. 

Run by enthusiastic and dedicated musicians who know what it’s like to be on the other side of the glass, you can be assured your recording project will be in safe hands.

King Sound Studio KSS Control Room and Console Recording Studio


 We are all about authenticity.

Although we naturally strive for perfection, we are principally interested in you being honest and genuine to your own sound. You see, your art must be believable – otherwise no-one is going to be interested, right!? Does that mean we won’t try to get a perfect take? Of course not, but there’s a fine line in production where we can start to edit out the ‘heart’ of the song, and eventually our material can easily become just another bland, forgettable pop song. Some of the greatest legacy recordings in the last few decades are not always 100% perfect – but ARE filled with 100% soul. Ultimately it comes down to YOUR song expressed YOUR way – and in your own style.
Be the most authentic YOU, and you may be surprised how far your art reaches.

KING SOUND STUDIO is a collaboration of four local musicians who share a passion about the creative process of recording music and vocals. 

Using state of the art recording and personal monitoring systems in a comfortable environment, we can help you unleash and showcase your talent.

If you’re a seasoned studio artist or a nervous newcomer you are very welcome!

We offer a wide range of recording and production services from creating digital uploads to full CD production at very competitive rates.

Thanks for stopping by and please take a look through the rest of our site. If you like what you see, would like any more information about any of the services we provide, or just want to say ‘hi’, please drop us a message.